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Recovery Partition Creator 4.x – Recovery Partition Creator 4.x

CrashPlan-NAS 1.0 –  Download

PlexPostProcessScript 1.0Download

OS X Bootable Media Creator – Download

Kerberos Authenticator 1.0Download

Filevault Key Escrow Script v.1.0.5 – FVEncryptionEscrow

Filevault Key Escrow Script v.2.0.1 Mtn. Lion Only – FVEncryptionEscrow2

Cascading SUS Server Setup v1.0 – CascadingServerSetupv1.0

New User/HomeDirectory Fix package – NewUserTemplateFixes

LocalMCX Package – Local-MCX-Package

Bluetooth Audio Quality Changer v1.1

Java 1.6 JNLP Launcher 

Recovery Partition Creator 3.8 – RecoveryPartitionCreator3.8

Legacy Recovery Volume Creator version 2.0.5 – RecoveryImageCreator

Script to Auto Add Disk in Linux through vRealize –

Script to Prep Linux VM for Template and vRA –


  1. Arniedafinn says:

    Unable to get mountain lion to install correctly. Checking the web and saw you have a solution to the “No Recovery” problem.

  2. Mel says:

    Thank you for this nifty little tool – I did not want to have to re-install Mountain Lion. I had no issues running the app – easy instructions; created the Recovery Partition and tested the created partition – works.

  3. Chris says:

    Gone from a firmware password lock-out and no recovery partition to a perfectly working recovery partition and an external flash pen recovery disk. Your script for Lion worked like a dream, thanks very much Chris for sharing your talents!

  4. will says:

    can the recovery partition creator be used to update or rebuild the recovery hd?

  5. Keith says:

    Your 3.7 version of the Recovery HD create tool works great with Mountain Lion 10.8.5. Just created one on a USB external SuperDuper clone of 10.8.5. It’s bootable and works as expected. Thank you!

  6. Gerps says:

    I have an “hdiutil eject failed” message and the partition is not created. Running Mountain Lion and Recovery Partition Creator 3.5. Any clues? 3.7 just exists (crash?)

  7. Alice says:

    I have a corrupt recovery partition on a Mavericks drive. Does your latest version of your recovery volume creator work with Mavericks?

  8. B says:

    I tired the Recovery Partition Creator 3.7 on Mavericks 10.9.1, and it worked perfectly. On my first try, it couldn’t create a Recovery Partition and it was due to my own mistake. On the second try, it worked without any problems, and it magically created the Recovery Partition. Thank you very much, and I appreciate your hard work. Happy Holidays, and the best wishes for 2014.



  9. dglenh12 says:

    I started this whole process because my AHT disappeared when I upgraded to Mt.L. After scouring hours of threads I found your Partition creator that worked like a champ on my mid 2010 MBP running 10.8.5. It didn’t put back AHT diagnosis though so I kept looking. I soon found a thread with a post by Jasric89 where he wrote a new AHT pkg that reinstalls to your recovery partition. ( With your tool and his tool my computer has sucessfully run AHT from the “d” press command at startup. Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  10. IO says:

    Seems Recovery Partition Creator 3.7 will not open on MacOS X 10.9.1… Can you verify?

  11. Mark says:

    Hey just wanted to say great job on the script. I work in an environment where we use a ‘standard load’ which is installed via the Disk Utility. Apparently, this method of installing the OS does not include the recovery console. I have recently been tasked with testing out FileVault functionality which requires the Recovery Console be installed. Ran you script version 3.5 on my MBP running 10.8, pointed to the “install OSX Mountain” and everything is working properly now. Great work.

  12. Mac Frank says:

    Hi, I am trying to create the recovery partition on a MBP mid 2012.
    I installed the OS with a USB drive, and now when I launch you utility it asks where the “OS installer” is.
    Don’t know what to answer 🙁

    Note that I have to access this MBP via Teamviewer because I’ll be away from home for a while, but I’d like to restore “find my mac” on the machine.

    OS is 10.9.2 updated

    Thanks, Frank

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      You need the full installer downloaded from the App Store. It should be called “Install OS X Mavericks” and is usually found in your Applications folder. If you don’t have that you will need to re-download from the App Store.


  13. Hey thanks!
    The 3.7 work perfectly on Mavericks 10.9.2
    There is an option to create the “Recovery Partiotion” without The installer media?

    Do you know where can I download alternative media (free installer OS X media – only for the recovery partition)?

  14. Alex K says:

    Does it work with Yosemite, too?

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Great ? I will have to give it a go on my yosemite install after I back it up? I will get back to you on whether it works or not.


  15. Chris says:

    Using Mavericks 10.9.3. I had to install a new HDD as the old one died on me. Lost the Recovery drive and could not enable “Find My Mac”. Downloaded the mavericks installer from the app store, downloaded this app, and it worked flawlessly. Thanks for doing this!

  16. adarkenigma says:

    please update it for Yosemite DP6 is already out. thanks for your great work.

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      I will work on Yosemite support soon. I had to move laptops so I haven’t had a chance to re-download Yosemite.


  17. TRH says:

    Don’t use this on ANY FUSION drive or it will break! I learned the hard way…

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  19. Richard Costanzo says:

    I was directed here by SuperDuper in order to make a bootable recovery thumb flash drive in case I need it to restore the system. I am running 10.9.5 Mavericks which was pre-installed on a late 2013 iMac which I just purchased. Therefore, the Mavericks OS is not available to me under purchases at the App store so I cannot download it from there. How do I proceed in using your software to make the recovery thumb drive?

  20. Danny says:

    Hi Chris
    Is Recovery Partition Creator 3.8 supposed to work with Lion (10.7.5)? I keep getting an error when opening.
    The link for the legacy version is returning a 404 error so I couldn’t try this one.

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Not sure how I lost the old file. I have fixed the link so it should work now.

      Thanks for the heads up.


  21. Nuno Cruz says:

    Just to make sure: Recovery Partition Creator 3.8 can be used at Mavericks 10.9.5?
    Best Regards

  22. michael says:

    Hi, will this work on 10.10.3? When I run it , it confirms that I am running 10.10.3 ;but the options I get later after choosing the Yosemite installer from the app says only says 10.8, or 10.9 for the last confirmation before running. I did not proceed. can you confirm if it will work. thank you.

  23. Sam Williams says:

    I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Yosemite on a late 2011 MBP. Then I restored to a 500G Hybrid. Everything works but no Recovery Partition. Downloaded Recovery Partition Creator 3.8. It asks for the Yosemite Installer location. I can’t find that. I do have a TimeMachine backup of the old disk – created after Yosemite was installed. Would that help?

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      You need to re-download the installer from the app store. After an upgrade of the OS it deletes the installer to save room on your hard drive.

  24. Sam Williams says:

    El Capitan came out. Downloaded that, used that installer. Now I have a partition. Thank you.

  25. Frank Fowlkes says:

    I was running Windows 10 on the Bootcamp partition prior to El Capiton on Yosemite. I upgraded to El Capitan and now can no longer access Windows 10. The partition is there-just can’t boot into it. Apparently El Capitan modified the MBR and booting into Windows is no longer an option. Will your program assist in fixing this problem? If not, do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  26. Brian Bram says:

    Awesome! Worked as described! Thanks very much!

  27. Morten Pedersen says:

    When I run it on OS X 10.9.5 it stops after having chosen disk to create recovery partion on with:
    The command exited with a non-zero status.

    What can be the reason and is there a way to fix it?

  28. Martin says:

    Just to verify, can it be used for El Capitan?

    • Martin says:

      I tested it and it works also under El Capitan. When prompted I selected 10.9. The whole process took few minutes (excluding the time to get the installer for the OS)

  29. Mark Newton says:

    This just worked perfectly for me on a Mac running El Capitan 10.11.3, with a few points to note:
    i) You may be warned that your version of OSX is not supported by this utility. Ignore the warning.
    ii) You need to point the utility to your original El Capitan Update as the source for the recovery partition files. If you don’t have \Applications\Install OSX El, you can force the Mac App Store to re-download the El Capitan Update by holding down the option key and clicking the Purchased icon at the top of the App Store window (the app button will change from “Downloaded” to “Download”.
    iii) You need to trust the scripts and be patient. There are lots of times whether the scripts don’t give any feedback that they are running, but if you are patient they will work.
    Many thanks to ‘Musings’!

  30. Stefano says:

    Can I use version 4.0.1 to repair my existing recovery partition? I don’t want to create a new one.
    When i try to boot in recovery my macbook shuts down. Also it is labelled as 10.11.1 but i have os x 10.11.5 (macbook aluminium late 2008)

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      It will replace the entire recovery partition so in a sense that should repair it.


  31. Max says:

    Dear Christopher!

    I see that you are a high class specialist in Apple Recovery Update, so I want to ask you about the problem I have since about half a year and can’t figure out how to solve it.

    I have an Mac mini Mid 2011 with 500 GB hard drive, and added 128 GB SSD drive. Those disks are merged into LVG (FusionDrive) and when I’m holding down the CMD+R during boot only the Recovery for OS X Lion appears. I’m using the El Capitan now and I was making updates into every next release of OS X so it looks that Recovery partition wasn’t updated for a very long time. I tried many scripts found in web, I tried official DMG file from Apple called HD Recovery update, I’ve even reinstalled OS X without restoring data from TimeMachine, with cleaning partitions and creating manually the new partition map and Fusion Drive in Terminal from square one. And guess what – I still have the Lion Recovery during boot. This thing is important, because Lion Recovery doesn’t support Fusion Drives and I can’t even reinstall my OS when I need – I have to use external SD card with OS X installer.

    I’m really can’t solve this problem so I’m writing here and hope that you with your advanced knowledge will could help me :-).

    Sorry for weak English, greetings from Poland!



    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Hi Max,

      Fusion drives and core storage volumes are a challenge. I would need to try on my mac mini 2011 to nail down how you would go about fixing the recovery partition. I think if you break the fusion drive and revert to non-core storage volume you can then run my tool to update the recovery drive. then you would need to create a core storage/fusion drive again after that update. If I get a chance I will try but my mac mini is in production so it will be difficult.



  32. Lee says:

    I can’t download the recovery partition creator 3.8 ,can you fix it?

    Thank you sincerely

  33. […] Go to the developers website here and download the latest version of Recovery Partition Creator, it’s an AppleScript that will handle the recreation of the recovery drive […]

  34. […] Go to the developers website here and download the latest version of Recovery Partition Creator, it’s an AppleScript that will handle the recreation of the recovery drive […]

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  37. Dan says:

    HI i am having issues getting your tool to work. We have the ElCapitain OS X original file as well as the DMG created file for the OS that was installed to our devices. Your tool runs, completes the disk checks, asks for us to select the OS X file location and then errors out with…

    ‘hdutil: attach failed – No Such File or Directory’

    What are we missing?

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Hdutil would be an error mounting the DMG that resides inside of the OS X If you downloaded the app from the app store and did not change anything about it then the application should work flawlessly. If you haven’t done so already, reboot the machine and try again. If that doesn’t work then there may be a problem with the OS X downloaded from the Mac App Store.



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  39. John Wilker says:

    Running El Capitan latest beta release, have you seen any issues with that? I get an error about legacy HFS, then if i do the disk check it errors out. Skipping it, just closes the app after I select the install package.

    Even though I’m running the latest beta i tried using the base El Cap installer. The final error i get is something about failing to mount.. i can get the exact error if you need it

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  42. Kelvin Song says:

    Your filevault encryption escrow script, does it work with El Cap?

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Unsure. I haven’t had to use it since 10.8. If I get a chance I will check to see if it works.

  43. Jason Fox says:

    Just used on a 5,1 Mac Pro running 10.11.6. Worked great. Thanks! Saved a ton of time.

  44. LEN303 says:

    Repaired and worked on failed to boot 10.11.6 recovery part. 🙂

  45. pkouame says:

    Hi – on Sierra and can’t open your script as the ceritifcate has apparently been revoked. Version 4.0.3
    did an spctl -a on your scipt. Anyone else having the same problem?

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Hadn’t seen that error yet but just upgraded to Sierra recently. I will take a look and see what is going on.



  46. Cla says:

    hi all,

    on macOS Sierra (10.12) when launch Recovery Partition Creator 4.x return error with revoked certificate .

    can you fix this?


  47. Martin says:

    Hi there,

    can’t open Recovery Partition Creator 4.0.3 on macOS Sierra.
    “Can’t open this file. This file needs to be deleted”

    Some idea…?

    Greetings and thanks from Germany

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Hadn’t seen that error yet but just upgraded to Sierra recently. I will take a look and see what is going on.



      • Martin Tracey says:

        macOS Gatekeeper is causing this. You need to run xattr -c “path/to/Recovery Partition Creator” in the terminal to override this for the app.

        I’m not able to actually use the script – it seems to be broken for Sierra.

  48. Johnny says:

    confirmed works on macOS Sierra 10.12. I just tried it and now i can successfully turn FileVault on (whereas before i couldn’t, because i had no Recovery Partition which is required by FileVault)

    version 4.0.2 of this script didn’t work with macOS Sierra, but version 3.8 does.

    when running version 3.8 and it asks you what OS version, click the “10.9” option. the back end process of how the Recovery Partition is created is the same from 10.9 to 10.12

  49. Philip says:

    Regarding the failure on macOS Sierra: it appears that ASObjC does not work on Sierra. The website notes “IMPORTANT NOTE ASObjC will not run under Sierra macOS 10.12”.

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      I will take a look at this. I don’t really use ASObjC anymore so hopefully it won’t take long to remove it or work around.

      • Ivanqo says:

        Please I need to create recovery partition on Sierra macOS. What version of the tool I can use (4.0.4 does not work)? Is 3.8 suitable? Thanks a lot!

  50. Mark says:

    I run the script in Sierra, but the partition is never created even after it says it was successful in creating it. Any help?

  51. Goppi says:

    Both versions (3.8 and 4.0) aren’t working on Sierra – err msg “… can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”. Not sure if your work around above is valid in this case as the err msg seems to be different.

  52. Elan says:

    I was unable to partition my drive due to the following error:

    Error (async): The given disk is in use by a driver (leaf required) (-69695)

    Any suggestions? I’m running Sierra OS

  53. Joseph Washington says:

    How come I keep being sent to Dropbox for downloads of Recovery Partition Creator just to be told that the “File Not Found”? Just wondering

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Dropbox changed the way the my public folder works. I recopied the link so hopefully it works again. Let me know if it doesn’t.


  54. Lisarte says:

    Hi I would appreciate if could you allow Recovery Partition Creator to be downloadble. Dropbox says it doesn’t exist. Thank you.

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Dropbox changed the way the my public folder works. I recopied the link so hopefully it works again. Let me know if it doesn’t.


    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Dropbox changed the way the my public folder works. I recopied the link so hopefully it works again. Let me know if it doesn’t.


  55. Alexander Brady says:

    Recovery Partition Creator (or all the links, for that matter) seem to lead to 404 errors. Are these still being maintained?

    If not, is there similar software that is being maintained?

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Dropbox changed the way the my public folder works. I recopied the link so hopefully it works again. Let me know if it doesn’t.


  56. Gex2501 says:

    Seems most of your dowload links from dropbox don’t work anymore. I’d love to see that plex post processing script. Is it still available?

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Just fixed the link. I will probably be moving all of this to github or hosting from my own site in the near future.

  57. Dan says:

    I’d love to grab the PlexPostProcessScript 1.0 but the Dropbox link is returning a 404 error. I’ve got the process working with a vanilla video.ts file but I’d like to add your lock files and video converter to my process. Thanks!

    • Christopher Silvertooth says:

      Just fixed the link. I will probably be moving all of this to github or hosting from my own site in the near future.

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