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Restoring a lost Recovery Partition (Volume) in Lion

*****  IMPORTANT *****  I have updated the script for Mountain Lion.  Please follow this link. Also I have a brand new version that at this time only works with 10.8.  It is done in Applescript and can add a recovery partition to any drive. I was on site… Read more »

Apple Configurator

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Apple released a new utility today called Apple Configurator.  The utility is designed to assist IT folk with mass deployment of iPods, iPhones, and iPads.  From what I can tell you can more easily update iOS devices to the latest iOS, configure Device Name, install free and paid for apps… Read more »

Mountain Lion

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Well, no sooner do I get my blog site up and mention that I am going to finish getting my 10.7 ACTC certification, that Apple decides to announce 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  I wonder how this affects the certification process since the tests barely became available for everyone else.  Oh well,… Read more »