Bluetooth Audio Redux

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So after spending the last week fighting bluetooth after I thought I had it nailed I decided to update my applescript to make my life easier.  Below you can find the latest version.  It will ask for an Administrator password which is needed to turn off and on the bluetooth daemon.  If you continue to have problems here are some other things to consider:

1.  Bluetooth is extremely susceptible to RF interference.  i.e.  Bluetooth runs over 2.4ghz the same as most wireless networks today.  If you are experiencing poor bluetooth audio quality you should use the 5ghz wi-fi bands if possible.  If that isn’t possible try switching channels.

2.  If your computer is under heavy load you may need to increase the resources available to the bluetooth daemons.  The reason for this is bluetooth audio re-compresses audio data prior to sending.  This is cpu intensive so if your cpu is already working overtime you are going to have problems.

Here is the new version.

Bluetooth Audio Changer 1.1



One thought on “Bluetooth Audio Redux

  1. Jordan

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for all your posts about Bluetooth and the plist. pretty helpful. Seems there are alot of issues around bluetooth audio atm. Having just purchased the Bose Soundlink II. Extremely disappointed when it started dropping/cracking especially after spending $400. I was editing the plist in terminal. Although just used your 1.1 script editor or whatever it is. Just a question? did that script update my old script totally OR did it just change the bitpool bluetooth settings? Also what does editing the “Stream – Flush Ring on Packet Drop” and “Stream – Max Outstanding Packets” do. I’ve googled alot although no one has a comprehensive overview of each BluetoothAudioAgent Settting



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