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Recovery Partition Creator v2.0.5

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UPDATE to 3.0  – Check this out first. UPDATED to 2.0.5 –  THIS SCRIPT DOES NOT WORK WITH FUSION DRIVES… YET Alright folks, here is the latest version.  Please be sure to read this entire post before running the script.  I have added an addition that will now check… Read more »

Mountain Lion

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Upgrading to Mountain Lion. Is it bad when your installer has negative minutes then suddenly says 20 mins remaining. So now my 34 min install is going to be close to 54 mins. Me thinks Apple has copied a Windows feature. I call it the “predictably unpredictable installer progress indicator”…. Read more »

FileVault Key Escrow – Utilizing Active Directory or Open Directory (Part 2)

Alright folks.  I have version 1.0.5 of the script done.  It isn’t the most beautiful thing but it gets the job done.  I think I added enough checks into the script that will make you aware of any possible reasons it will fail and if it does for some reason… Read more »

FileVault Key Escrow – Utilizing Active Directory or Open Directory

So I have been thinking about how to escrow the file vault recovery keys that are generated from cauliflower vest.  At first I thought I should just try and re-create the Google App Engine instance that is needed to work with all the tools but I quickly realized that I… Read more »

Restoring a lost Recovery Partition (Volume) in Lion

*****  IMPORTANT *****  I have updated the script for Mountain Lion.  Please follow this link. Also I have a brand new version that at this time only works with 10.8.  It is done in Applescript and can add a recovery partition to any drive. I was on site… Read more »

Apple Configurator

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Apple released a new utility today called Apple Configurator.  The utility is designed to assist IT folk with mass deployment of iPods, iPhones, and iPads.  From what I can tell you can more easily update iOS devices to the latest iOS, configure Device Name, install free and paid for apps… Read more »