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Recovery Partition Creator 3.7 – Updated for Mavericks

UPDATE!!! Version 3.8 – I updated the program this afternoon to work with Mavericks.  I had to add some extra dialog boxes so that it would work with 10.9.  That said, I also added a skip option to the disk check since it was a requested feature.  You should check your disks unless… Read more »


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Well today I started to move into Github.  I thought I would take one of the packages I created and use often and get it up there first.  I spent a bit of time re-writing the scripts so that they emulated what used to happen in the Package Installer.  That… Read more »

Recovery Partition Creator v2.0.5

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UPDATE to 3.0  – Check this out first. UPDATED to 2.0.5 –  THIS SCRIPT DOES NOT WORK WITH FUSION DRIVES… YET Alright folks, here is the latest version.  Please be sure to read this entire post before running the script.  I have added an addition that will now check… Read more »