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After spending the last week trying to get working with the help of their support staff I am no closer than I was a week ago.  That said, I am pretty happy so far with the support.  While my problem has not been resolved they have been very responsive and have been working diligently to try and get it running on my laptop.  I should clarify that the CrashPlan daemon is running and backing up my laptop I just can’t launch the located in the Applications folder without installing Java SE 6.  I have Java 7 installed.

I was informed today that an update to the client is set to drop tonight or tomorrow bringing the app up to version 3.5.3.  I will let you know if that works once I have it.



***** UPDATE *****

Crashplan 3.5.3 still does not work.  That said, their support staff emailed me back and said their QA guy was able to reproduce my problem. An official bug report has been filed.

***** Update 2 *****

Here is a link to my post with the fix.

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