Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to everyone.

It has been a hectic last few months but I look forward to getting back to work on a few of my projects.

I know many of you are waiting for a new version of the Recovery Partition Creator and I hope to begin work on it soon.  A few intrepid followers have volunteered to help so that may help move it forward a bit quicker than it otherwise might take.  More news on that soon…

I finally have my digital life under control thanks to a new Synology NAS I purchased – More on this in a later article.  I also have added a Retina iMac to my collection after my trusty 2008 iMac decided to have a video card failure… Sigh.  On a side note, that Retina screen is absolutely gorgeous and compared to the old iMac runs circles around everything…I probably should have upgraded sooner.

As part of my New Years resolution I will be finishing some of the articles I didn’t finish in 2014.  Part 2 of my Plex article being the big one which actually works out because much has changed/learned in the last 5 months.

At any rate, I hope all those reading this are doing well and looking forward to a great 2015.



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