iMac A1225 Power Supply Repair

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If you don’t already know about this site then I will enlighten you.  If you are ever in need of a DIY on how to repair a computer or other device iFixIt is the place to go.  I usually only head to iFixIt to check out their tear downs of brand new Apple devices, which they always seem to have within days of a new release, but this time round I actually needed to fix something.  For months our iMac had been having random power issues until finally it gave up the ghost.  Rather than plunk down $2k for a new one, though I really do want a new iMac because they are ridiculously sexy and my ex-windows loving brother-in-law just ordered the 27″ totally juiced —  hmmm tangent, jealousy, and rambling all in one, I figured I should actually try and save some coin and fix the old one.  Suffice to say the new power supply I ordered worked like a champ and only set me back $180 after next day delivery plus suction cups.  Here is a link to my write up on it.

Thank you ifixit!

2 thoughts on “iMac A1225 Power Supply Repair

  1. Carlos

    Hi there, I would like to know how to check a iMac A1225 power supply LITEON. I saw your video how to uninstall the unit but it looks in good shape

    Thank you for your help and time


    1. Christopher Silvertooth Post author

      I actually don’t have the iMac anymore as the graphics card decided to go on it a few months ago. What sort of issues are you having?



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