Kerberos Authenticator

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Not sure how many folks need something like this but here it is anyway.  Just a simple applescript that will query the SCutil command to see what search domains are available.  Assuming that your Kerberos or Active Directory servers are configured with the same domain name that is handed to you via DHCP (they should be if they are configured properly) then you can authenticate to the chosen domain with your correct username.

This comes in very handy if you are not bound to an Active Directory or some other Kerberos service.  Once you get your Kerberos Ticket you should be able to Single Sign On (SSO) to various services within your organization that have been correctly kerberized.  Safari will natively authenticate with your Kerberos Ticket while Chrome requires some tweaking to get it to work.  See this webpage for details on how to do it.


You can find the AppleScript in my Downloads folder.




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