Mountain Lion

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Well, no sooner do I get my blog site up and mention that I am going to finish getting my 10.7 ACTC certification, that Apple decides to announce 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  I wonder how this affects the certification process since the tests barely became available for everyone else.  Oh well, good to see Apple re-focus their energies towards creating a great OS X system.

Now the big questions.

1.  Can I install my newly downloaded 10.8 on Fusion so as not to hose my clean install of 10.7 I did on sunday?

2.  What changes did they make to OS X Server?

  • Did they fix the Wiki Server?
  • Can I do reporting on iOS devices with Profile Manager?
  • Does work well with VLANs and the rest of the core services?

3.  How will this impact all the enterprises that are now opening up to mac?

Lots to go learn about and too little time.



You can install 10.8 in vmware fusion 4 (latest release).  I have also installed the server piece.  Now to explore the new stuff.

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