New Recovery Partition Creator coming soon.

I know quite a few people come to my site looking for the recovery partition creator script and I have good news for you.  Soon I will have version 3 of my script out.  This is a complete re-write in Applescript so it has taken a bit to figure out since I really haven’t used Applescript before.  At any rate, with the new version comes a few new features.

1.  Pretty Dialog Boxes.  Well, at least they look better than terminal windows.

2.  The ability to choose the location you want the recovery partition created on.  This one is huge as now you can use the same script to create a recovery partition on your main drive as well as an external drive.

3.  Chose the location of the OS X Mountain Lion  A bit friendlier I think.

I am still fixing some minor errors and cleaning everything up.  I will post a video soon of the working product.  At this time it only works with Mountain Lion but I may try and get it to work with Lion.



8 thoughts on “New Recovery Partition Creator coming soon.

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  2. Vijay Benegal

    Hi Chris,

    I was trying to run your Recovery Partition Creator on my mid 2013 Macbook Air but I was stumped when it asked for the location of the Mountain I can’t find it anywhere on my hard disk. I should mention that I had to do a recovery from the internet before this. I had the recover partition but it disappeared along the way somehow. Maybe while I was trying an unsuccessful Bootcamp.


        1. Vijay Benegal

          Hi Chris,

          I finally got some time to do this. It went through flawlessly. Great little utility. 🙂 Thanks so much.



  3. Bill

    I’m trying to create my recovery partition on 10.8.5 with ver3.7 and it goes all the way to the point of asking which version to install 10.7 or 10.8 then disappears. I’ve checked terminal diskutil list to see progress and still don’t see recovery. I know I’m overlooking something simple just can’t figure it out.

    1. Christopher Silvertooth Post author

      Do you mean where it asks for the installer location? If that is where you are at you need to have the actual installer from the App Store available.


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