One Year Later…

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It is hard to believe it has been a year since I fired up this blog.  I have more work to do this year including moving many of my scripts into a repository of some sorts so that it is easier for others to contribute and look at the code.

I have a few other articles I never got around to publishing and hope to get them out soon.  I also should have an update to my Recovery Partition Script in the next week or so ( I am awaiting new hardware to test with).

On another note, MySQL 5.6 was released this morning.  I am super excited because of one feature, replication.  The current MySQL replication is a giant pain in the you know what when you are working with large existing databases.  The new replication features that I have been testing make it a lot easier to get replication working and ensure it keeps running.

In dev. I was still having Foreign Key replication errors if you aren’t careful how you setup the MySQL db’s.  As of this morning, posted a replication white paper that I have been reading.  I was missing a few other configuration options that may or may not help.  I will post a follow up when I finish my testing and have my configuration parameters locked down.

At any rate, thanks to those who provided feedback on my scripts or were kind enough to drop a comment.

Here is to another year.


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