Plex – Part 2

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Plex – Part 2

Below you will find a list of the tools I used for this project and purpose.

  • Plex Media Server – You can find this at – This is the heart and soul of my media hub
  • Plex Home Theater – Same as above. This allows me the flexibility to play just about any audio and video files that I create.
  • Tag – Used to edit metadata on my audio files.
  • XLD – I use this to convert .WAV to FLAC – I just found out it does SACD in 2 channel… Awesome.
  • Audacity – This I use for editing the music files manually. I had some 4.1 channel recordings that would play out of the wrong speakers.
  • sacd_extract – I used this to do what it says. Extract SACD tracks into a usable format.
  • DVD Audio Extractor – Allows me to dump DVD audio discs into FLAC.

I also use ffmpeg in combination with XLD to take DTS audio wav files and convert them to FLAC.  For that see this article.

Biggest gotcha thus far.

Plex, or the Mac – not sure which yet, doesn’t handle switching between 24bit 96khz files and lower sampled music such as AAC 44khz very well. I have my Mac Mini HTPC set at 96khz – 8 Channel in the Audio Setup but the minute I play an AAC file it will downgrade my audio settings to match that of the AAC file. That is by design I am sure, but when you go back to material that is higher than 44khz it doesn’t change back to the appropriate sampling rate. i.e. 96khz music is played back at 44khz… very slooooow. Thus listening to any of my AAC music for the moment is a hassle. One day I will figure this out.

Other than that for the most part it just works thus solving my DVD Audio dilemma but I can’t stop there can I?

So now onto DVR and Live TV. Plex – Part 3 will feature my live tv and DVR setup.

2 thoughts on “Plex – Part 2

  1. Andy B

    Hey Chris

    Thanks for this – it’s the first post I’ve found for someone trying to playback lossless DVD audio. I’ve tried this using Plex on a Roku 3, with both WAVs and FLACs.

    The Roku doesn’t downsample the Audio, it just plays the left and right channel. I couldn’t find any settings in the player or the server to force recognition of the 5.1 channel stream.

    I’m going to experiment with the DLNA client on the TV next.

    Incidentally, what Electronic albums in 5.1 would you recommend? I’m looking for a copy of Plaid’s “Greedy Baby”, as they mixed that themselves, but it’s very rare!

    1. Christopher Silvertooth Post author

      Hi Andy,

      I don’t have a Roku 3 to test with but I have had success with my Raspberry Pi 2 I built a few weeks ago. That seems to play 5.1 FLAC without a problem. Some good discs to get that really show off a system are The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, The Doobie Brothers: The Captain and Me, Steely Dan: Gaucho. If you are interested I can give you my entire list of around 75 DVD-Audio, DTS, or SACD mixes.




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