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Often I have other techies ask me about various books for learning OS X and OS X Server management/troubleshooting.  So, I thought I would take the time to mention a few books that are extremely valuable for those starting out with OS X or are looking to get their ACTC from Apple.  Plus, these books must be awesome because I am acknowledged in the server essential editions of 10.7 and 10.8 😉

OS X Support Essentials – This is a great book for those just cutting their teeth and ready to start managing/troubleshooting OS X.

OS X Server Essentials – This is geared for those looking to implement OS X Server.  If you are going to get your ACTC or stand up a server this book is a must.

Having been through beta courses taught by both Arek Dreyer and Ben Greisler, authors of Server Essentials, I can attest to their value and seamless presentation.  Kevin White, author of the Support Essentials book, also provides great content that will create a solid foundation for those just starting out.  Kevin frequently attends the Server Essentials beta’s and provides valuable feedback.  The style of Arek, Ben, and Kevin is easy to follow and not the typical prose of other tech books most are familiar with.

So if you are just starting to manage OS X devices or are needing to get the latest Apple Certifications these books are just the thing.



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