Until I am fully migrated

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So I have a wiki site that uses Mac OS X server, yes I am a Mac guy, but it was extremely inflexible with its design and even  more so in Lion server (grrrr).  Now I should state that I am not a web designer.  I repeat, I am not a web designer.  Thus I am using WordPress since it was easy to setup, has great looking themes for free, and well…. it was free.  Sooooooo, as I learn WordPress I will be moving my wiki pages into this new system.  Hopefully it works just as easily as the previous system with some nicer design to boot.

Articles I convert that I want permanently added to the site can be found under the “All Articles” tab.

Now I do know some peeps that are great at web design.  One of these times I may have them create me a sic looking WordPress theme.



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